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112(1) January 2017

Scanning electron microscopy of Phytomonas serpens after treatment with the IC50 value of the calpain inhibitor MDL28170. See pages: 31-43.


Susceptibility of Phytomonas serpens to calpain inhibitors in vitro: interference on the proliferation, ultrastructure, cysteine peptidase expression and interaction with the invertebrate host Simone Santiago Carvalho de Oliveira, Diego de Souza Gonçalves, Aline dos Santos Garcia-Gomes, Inês Correa Gonçalves, Sergio Henrique Seabra, Rubem Figueiredo Menna-Barreto, Angela Hampshire de Carvalho Santos Lopes, Claudia Masini D'Avila-Levy, André Luis Souza dos Santos, Marta Helena Branquinha PAGE: 31-43 | DOI: 10.1590/0074-02760160270

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