Letter from the Editors!

Rio de Janeiro, 14th April 2021, World Chagas Disease Day

Dear reader,

In celebration of the 112th anniversary of the discovery of Chagas disease, we organised the special topic "Chagas disease: reflections from the past; challenges and opportunities for the future", now being published in the Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz. This was done in the format of a series of 16 independent articles shaping an e-book.

We emphasise herein that, more than a systematic review of the literature, the aim of the articles is to provide a reflection from the past (including established concepts) and gaps in the current knowledge, with a prospective look. Accordingly, we asked the authors to generate articles whose scope is far beyond classic review papers. In this respect, each contribution is a constructive work, comprising the analyses of both challenges and opportunities, that will hopefully be used in future research, health systems and public policies.

In the same vein, we invited the coordinator of each manuscript to determine, at his discretion, the weight attributed to the different subthemes covered by the given article.

Lastly, aiming at providing a broader approach, other experts were invited to comment each article subject to be published in sequence, in the present series.

Having shared these first words, we invite readers to dive into the manuscripts and, together with the authors, reflect on the knowledge acquired on Chagas disease, and what effectively we need to do in order to continuously magnify such knowledge.

Guest editors

Angela CV Junqueira

Juliana de Meis
Pedro Albajar-Viñas
Wilson Savino

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