Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, 112(8) August 2017
Genome announcement and highlight

Complete coding sequence of dengue virus serotype 4 isolated from field-caught mosquitoes in Thailand

Thikhumporn Sittivicharpinyo1, Passorn Wonnapinij1,2, Wunrada Surat1,2,+

1Kasetsart University, Faculty of Science, Department of Genetics, Evolutionary Genetics and Computational Biology Research Unit, Bangkok, Thailand
2Kasetsart University, National Research University-Kasetsart, Centre for Advanced Studies in Tropical Natural Resources, Bangkok, Thailand

Page: 580-582 DOI: 10.1590/0074-02760170022
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This report is the first to characterise the complete coding sequence of a dengue virus serotype 4 (DENV-4) genotype I that was isolated from field-caught mosquitoes from an endemic area in Thailand in June 2013. The sequence was assembled from high-throughput sequencing reads generated by Illumina HiSeq. Three out of four observed intra-sample variants caused an amino acid variation in C, NS2B, and NS5 genes. The C4279T variant located in the NS2B gene can indirectly affect the proteolytic activity of the NS3 protein. The sequence provided in this study might be useful for the epidemiological study of DENV-4.

Financial support: Kasetsart University Research and Development Institute, Graduate School of Kasetsart University
+ Corresponding author:
Received 20 January 2017
Accepted 22 March 2017

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